YEEBET’s 5th Years Anniversary Celebration with Billion Dollar Airdrop!

“YEEBET” has been established for 5 years. It has successfully crossed the international business, connected with 150 units white label companies, and gathered more than 100,000 monthly active players with 800 operators.

To this end, YEEBET would like to thank all the merchants, strategic partners and partners who continues support “YEEBET”. The company has decided to release the “Billion Airdrop with, 100 million bonus” as a reward to all stakeholders.

How to participate?
Complete one of the following task before you start the billion airdrop!

Event Content

No need to pay any royalty or GGR fees, distribute game points arbitrarily only for API customers in July!

Event Date

Start from 1st July 2022 - End in 31st July 2022 (GMT+8)

Event Task

Event Task 1
Please put the YEEBET live games in the first top three place in the live game category
First or First Three
Event Task 2

Please add a YEEBET poster to the homepage carousel

Add a poster to the homepage carousel


Operators not need to pay any GGR fees in whole july month. (you must sign up the form in the website)

Example 1 : Operators could have distribute game point to players, lets say if we distribute 1000 to player, if they win 30000 but operator only max pay 1000 or 500, it depends how they set the promotion.

Example 2 : operators could have set the promotion like new register can get 1000 thb if he win 5000 , max payout is 2000.

Example 3 : operators could have create promotion by deposit 1000, free 1000, where it could increase operators sales too.

If your operators is going to participate, please submit url for us to check if they achieve the task as below details :

i. Yeebet banner on homepage
ii. first three position in the live casino categories

Our July promotion goal for this event as below:

1. Increase quantity and quality of players
2. Increase good bounce rate of players
3. Increase more operators integrate Yeebet

Airdrop Entrance

Risk management: Dear operators, if you participate in this event, please set your own rules, regulation, turnover, rollover, deposit and withdrawal ratios to avoid players making illegal bets.

Terms and conditions: Dear API agents who are participating in this event must treat any of its customers fairly. If yeebet receives any unfair treatment, yeebet will immediately disqualify the competition, and will settle according to the original package.

Disclaimer: Dear partners, if you participate in this event, please bear all risks at your own.

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